Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Peace in Palestine

For decades now, we have been hearing about negotiations and people sitting around the peace table to talk about the doomed future of the occupied land of Palestine. With each side blocking their ears and waiting for the other to lean, nothing but more blood and more loss are happening each day. With Israel hiding behind the only super power in the world, with the Vito card in their pocket ready to stop anyone from attempting to find a solution that could have a shred of justice, nothing would ever be done with the scale of power unbalanced to such a deteriorated extent.

Again the Arab leaders joined in their fancy ball room to talk about the future of peace, playing the same old game of hollow rhetoric and superficial patriotism. I sit there to watch them, knowing that a big zero will be the outcome of their big words and lavish banquets. How would they ever feel the suffering of a young girl, lying silent in a poor hospital, who has just lost her family under the fire of bombing, or a helpless young man who has no hope in a simple secure future with a stone in his hand as his only self defence. The irony of the situation lies in the generations that come and go with unshaken belief in their rights, being accompanied by weak leaders sitting round the peace table doing them nothing at all. The faces might change, yet the same attitude remains on both sides.

And here we are again, the leaders are talking, and the people are dying. May God bless the noble land of Palestine standing tall with no protector except the young man with the stone in his hand.

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