Sunday, 25 March 2007


Welcome to the Glaring Truth

Thank you for your interest in our initiative. In the Glaring Truth, we believe that helping others to see the truth is a most needed task and a hard challenge of our time. Yet, it is the duty of every civilised person who has the ability to see through biased information and recognise the truth among the dominating stream of lies. We are a group of people from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds and ethnic origins. Yet we share in the same belief that we refuse to be misled and we refuse to allow this continuous cycle of masquerades that are shaping our lives, and the lives of others who remain unaware, of proceeding any longer. The Glaring Truth is not a political group, and it does promote or affiliate itself to any particular organisation of whatever kind. We respect difference but we refuse insult. Glaring Truth does not promote hatred, but it encourages freedom of thought and refuses brainwash, stereotyping, and ideological domination. We have started this group last August due to our feeling of responsibility towards the truth. We are all responsible and we are all going to be asked about it.

In Glaring Truth, we are currently moving in two directions. First, we are gathering correct information, filtering the uncountable sources of data, and putting our hands on the corrupt ones. In our prospective website, which is currently being prepared, we will present the undistorted facts we gathered, and we will locate and cooperate with similar groups that are fighting on the same side. Second, through the use of these facts, we have a group of volunteer writers who are attempting to further explain the reality of a number of crucial incidents that are usually ill-presented.

We want also to stress that we do not only welcome new members, questions, new ideas, and suggestions that can enhance the quality of our work, but we do need them to carry our cause a step further. Please feel free speak your mind.

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